My time here has been full of different experiences, good and not so good but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Name: Cian Currie Project: : Daycare Center
From: Canada Age: 18

My volunteering experience has been varied. For my first two weeks I worked in a dog shelter ran by Helena Wirt. I had the most amazing time with her, she is a very inspiring lady. She has no sponsors so she pays for 90 dogs by herself. We bathed some dogs, brushed, and cleaned cages. It was hard to say goodbye because I got so attached to those dogs.

The next week I worked in the orphanage. It was difficult because of the kids. I felt sad because I didn't know how I can help them. We basically colored with the kids and played outside with them. On our last day the kids were so sweet and sad that we were leaving.

The last week of my volunteer experience I have worked in a daycare. The lady who runs it is amazing and has an amazing effect on the kids. They are so sweet and caring and I have enjoyed my time there, my only regret is not staying there longer.

On the weekends I travelled to many amazing places. Puerto Viejo was amazing and very chill. I also went to La Fortuna and Monte Verde. We went to the hot springs and tried to see the famous volcano, however it was cloudy. In Monte Verde we went zip lining which was amazing and I recommend it to everyone. I also suggest travel every opportunity you have because Costa Rica is such a beautiful country. Thanks to everyone who helped make my experience as amazing as it was. I will miss this place terribly.XOXO