My six weeks in Costa Rica has been a progression of great experiences. For me, it has been a nice balance between work in San Ramon during the week and fun, adventurous weekends.

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Name: Christina Field Project: : Teaching English
From: USA Age: 23

I decided to take Spanish courses at Spanish Language Scool in San Jose for a week. I came to Costa Rica hardly knowing any Spanish and taking the classes could not have been a better idea. They are the most supportive, caring people that I've ever met and they actually tailor the lessons to your specific needs. My family stay was great and that experience with the classes gave me a huge jumpstart on the language that has been invaluable.

Once in San Ramon, I was fortunate enough to experience several projects with amazing people. I taught Adult English Night Classes, helped at an elementary school, and also went to the Community Center in Bajo. The adult classes are just so awesome because it can be really engaging, social, and fun while being educational. We all learned a lot from each other and became pretty close. The Sabana School was a nice elementary school right by the dorm. The kids were so incredibly nice, even giving me lots of hugs and small gifts. I came at a time where there were many holiday celebrations so there were some scheduling challenges, resulting in me being there to assist English classes a couple hours in the morning. I decided to go to Bajo in the afternoons. I, like all of the other volunteers here it seems, absolutely loved it. This is a place where I felt I was really helping in a more significant way. The kids started to open up more to me the more I was there playing with the kids and helping with the literacy programs. The staff and kids are just incredible.

Aside from work, we decided on some weekend trips. By the end of my stay I had experienced canopy ziplining and hot volcanic springs in La Fortuna, snorkeling and hiking with incredible wildlife in Puerto Viejo, caving in Nicaragua, and kayaking and night fishing (we ate the fish too) in Playa Hermosa. I also enjoyed dancing eating, and watching performances during the San Ramon festivals. Pura Vida!

I would recommend AVIC programs in Costa Rica to anyone. Everyone can learn something and enjoy their time here if they are flexible and have a sense of adventure.